The agency is a sort of second home to most of us, it was created by a young entrepreneur with the goal of offering the most comfortable work environment for the employees.
Ever thought about working at a digital agency and wondered how it is like? Today I’ll show you about our #agencylife.
  • Agency life is challenging: Life at the agency can be challenging, but it’s also a sort of motivation to each member of the team, so even when at the times it gets too busy, the power of “helping each other” wins.





  • Agency life is Fun: Working can be also fun if you really love what you do, as can be the jokes that we share, the fun hours for the boys who keep speaking about football, and the funniest member of the team Maki, the office cat, who keep giving everyone love (and fighting with Bibich, the new kitten).


Maki (Right) and Bibich (Left) taking a nap.


  • Agency life is creative: Innovation and creativity are our “raison d’être”, we create the most unique yet practical websites and applications. There’s no limit to creativity if a member of our team suggest a really good idea we give it a try and we make it happen.


creative Idea

Creative Idea


  • Agency life is a good life: The positive environment makes the work very unstressful, easy and good. We go to work every day welcomed by the opportunity to invent something new.