We are the people of this agency, we’re young, motivated and we love our work.

Every staff member plays an important role in the agency, they’re well-connected, highly-qualified and professionals.In koios agency, every member of the team keep their real personality, which make them comfortable at the office.  And you have to know that the different personality types on the team is the key of successful work. Today, instead of talking about skills, I’m going to describe the types of personalities that we have.

  •  The Developers of the agency :  Let’s be straight, maybe the developer job is really stressful and exhausting, but when it comes to our developers it’s another story. We have, at the moment, 6 developers who have a different characters, you’ll find the funny one who makes jokes to relieve stress, the silent guys who keep their headphones all the day and the Individualist who like to work alone to design elegant solutions



  • The ladies of the office : We can’t deny that women personalities can be different at the work, especially if the person is new and developer woman too but she is really comfortable with her work and sociable.When it came to me, the person who’s in charge to make contents and be the face of the brand, I can see that I can deal with diverse personalities and the good vibes at the office make me more productive

The Ladies


  • The Reformer: Driven by perfection, our reformer can help everyone even if it’s not his job. You’ll always find him listening to loud music, and when it comes to take decisions or make choices, he just plays it by ear and go along with whatever comes his way.

The reformer


  • The Boss: No doubt that the manager should be strict and more serious to make the work done. But when you see our boss you’ll recognize that he is different; he communicates with the employees, Cares about them as a Person and make us listen to a good music.

The Boss


  • The Cats: Yes, that maybe looks weird to you but our cats are also considered like member of the team. We Hired’ Kitties as Stress Relievers.You find the peaceful one who is always sleeping and the savage female.

The cats